Don't need a full length show?

Rob & Miss Jane has a variety of different routines that can be presented in a circus ring, gala, revue show or varieté format. 

All acts can be adapted to your theme or we can discuss options in creating a bespoke act for your show! 

A hit at the renowned World Festival of Clowns in Yekaterinburg, Russia, "It Takes Two" is a comic dance twist on the classic quick change costume routine.

"Kubok" is Russian for chalice or in this case, cups. This cup juggling and manipulation routine highlights technical tricks with comic flair! 


"DYNAMO" has NEVER been done by anybody else! Rob Lok is the ONLY artist in the world that does this routine. The combination of stilt acrobatics and slapstick comedy culminates into the ultimate finale, The Stacking Chair Stilt Handstand! 

"glass" The only freestanding glass wine bottle walking apparatus in the world. The act, "glass", is a unique and surprising addition to any show or event. Perfect for wine and art festivals!  


Shaker Cup Manipulation
Audience Participation
Genre: Clown, Juggling
Length: 6 minutes

It Takes Two

Quick Change Dance Comedy 
Audience Participation 
Genre: Clown, Magic, Dance
Length: 7 minutes


Comedy Acro-Stilt Act 
Genre: Clown, Acrobatics, Stilts
Length: 6 minutes


Balance, Danger and Comedy
Genre: Clown, Balance, Acrobatics and Music
Length: 12 minutes 

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