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Alléz-OOPS! (pronounced ah-LAY) brings back classic vaudeville acts with a comic twist. 

Married duo Rob from New York City & Miss Jane from the Ukraine invites the audience to play with them as they waltz on wine bottles, skip on sky-high stilts and even tame the terrifying TIGER BABY!


Blending circus thrills, deft pacing and spontaneous comedy, this family friendly slapstick spectacle will engage audiences around the world and be a guaranteed crowd favorite with their comic sight gags and visual humor.

Equally at home onstage or outdoors, watch Allez-OOPS! excite and amaze your crowds!

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G.L. Berg Entertainment exclusively represents Allez-OOPS! at Fairs, Colleges, Performing Arts Centers and Cruise Ships in North America.

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Festivals & Fairs
Variety & Revue Shows

Theme Parks
Cruise Ships
Grounds Entertainment

Show Time:
30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes


Ideal Space: 
6x6 meters
6m height (indoors)
Hard, level surface
Indoor/ Outdoor

Allez-OOPS! Teaser (3:00)

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