He's from Chinatown, New York City.

She's from Kiev, Ukraine.

They fell in love in South Korea, got engaged in Russia and married in Saint Petersburg, FLORIDA!

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Rob & Miss Jane realized they could create awesome performances TOGETHER by combining the grace and beauty of Jane’s dancing and the technical skills of Rob’s circus background. Throw in a healthy dose of rapid-fire physical comedy and you have a winning combination that will excite audiences around the world.

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I understand booking entertainment can be a gamble. I do my best to make that process as painless and professional as possible. From opening night to the final show, my job is to keep the laughs consistent and the audience always on the edge of their seats!
— Robert Lok aka ROB

Even though Rob Lok was born and raised in New York City, he considers himself a citizen of the world after performing for over twenty years across the globe.

He also rode a motorcycle up and down a high wire one summer but felt doing comedy was a bigger risk. Rob greatly enjoys the spontaneity of a live audience. His love of classic physical comedy gags is evident throughout his performance.  

Some memorable experiences include working with children in refugee camps in Kosovo under the watchful eyes of armed soldiers and seeing boys and girls join together in laughter as Rob performs one of his comedy acts in Andkhoi, Afghanistan. 

Rob Lok has the honor of being the first Chinese-American graduate of the acclaimed Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. Rob was also the first Chinese- American clown to perform in Russia at the 2013 Yekaterinburg International Clown Festival with his partner, now wife, Miss Jane.

Hungry for more knowledge, Rob has continued his training in acting, movement, circus, puppetry and acrobatics with master mimes Richmond Shepard and Robert Shields, Bond Street Theatre, T.Schreiber Studios, DAH Theatre of Serbia, and Theatre Tsvete of Bulgaria.

He has appeared in numerous commercials in Hong Kong, The Today Show, The Learning Channel, MTV, HBO, Nickelodeon, the Letterman Show, Steve Harvey’s Big Time, and was featured in Asian American Spotlight in New York City. Feature articles on Mr. Lok appeared in Spectacle, a magazine dedicated to the circus arts, A. and Hyphen Magazines, both magazines dealing with contemporary Asian American issues. He was also the subject of a documentary produced by Voice of America for distribution in China.

And for the fun of it, here is a video of Rob smashing a watermelon with his head on national television in America. 


Rob and Miss Jane were engaged at a circus clown festival in Yekaterinburg, Russia.
Since Rob didn’t have an engagement ring at the time, he proposed in the circus ring hoping it would work. It DID! 

красота и юмор, мастерство и оригинальные трюки, командная работа со зрителем и разнообразие приколов - наслаждайтесь в шоу Роб и Джеин
Translation: Rob & Miss Jane HAS IT ALL!
— Ievgeniia Pokrovska Lok aka MISS JANE

Ievgeniia Pokrovska Lok aka Miss Jane is an award-winning dancer, teacher and choreographer of belly dance. Since 2008, she has trained new dancers in Kiev at her studio "Rahat Lokum". 

Miss Jane is a citizen of the Ukraine and she is very excited to be working with her husband, Rob, in the United States of America since 2014. Having a dance background, she has always been comfortable in front of an audience but learning the tricks of the clown trade has been completely different.

But as she puts it, “Making people smile and laugh is a skill that takes years of practice and I’m happy that I get to travel around the globe with someone I love putting that practice to the test!”

The Pokrovskaya Family is responsible for building many of the special costumes used in Rob Lok & Jane's performances. 

Miss Jane is one of a handful of glass bottle walking artists that perform professionally around the world and the only performer with a customized bottle dancing apparatus. 

You can still see Miss Jane belly dancing professionally all over the world with her unique choreography and costume quick changes.